Prizer Hoods Opens New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility in Reading, PA

Prizer Hoods Opens New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility in Reading, PA

READING, PA, August 27, 2013: Prizer Hoods, a stunning new brand of professionally-inspired luxury kitchen hoods, is ramping up production with the opening of an expanded factory in Reading, PA.  The new facility will bring state-of-the-art, American-made custom manufacturing and new jobs to the community.

Prizer Hoods leverages the 133-year-heritage of quality custom manufacturing technology of its affiliated company, Prizer-Painter Stove Works.  With stunning and fully customizable designs, using a wide range of metal options, and offering a dazzling palette of colors, trims and finishes, Prizer Hoods makes the ultimate statement in any kitchen.  From rich old-world, commanding styles to modern hood designs with smooth, sweeping contours, every hand-crafted Prizer Hood offers enduring elegance and engaging style customized to the buyer’s individual taste.

Since the kitchen is one of the more popular places to gather in the home, range hoods are evolving and becoming a focal point.  “From artistic to deep-rooted designs with flair, unique statement hoods are appearing in many settings, whether contemporary or traditional.  And advanced manufacturing technology allows realization of unmatched performance,” says Michael Trapp, president, Prizer Hoods.

“What sets Prizer Hoods apart from other ventilation products are the almost limitless customization features, the wide range of available colors and finishes, and restaurant-quality performance,” explains Trapp.

Infinite Custom Design and Style

Each Prizer Hood can be formed from virtually any metal, including designer metals such as copper and European black steel, and painted in any one of hundreds of colors and finishes.  Prizer Hoods offers more than 750 standard color options and a virtually unlimited range of trim and finish options.  This unique approach to kitchen hood design empowers designers and architects to re-energize the kitchen space with a personalized design statement.

When a dream kitchen calls for fully customizable and distinctive silhouettes, Prizer Hoods delivers a uniquely styled product that can be tailor-made to fit any kitchen layout or design preference.  Prizer Hoods has the capability to create a unique shape for each customer’s taste.  This innovative approach to kitchen hood design empowers designers and architects to re-energize the kitchen space with a personalized design statement.

Prizer Hoods’ world-class design team has a combined 100 years of hood design experience.  Custom hoods are created by the design and drafting department, whose main concern is attention to the detail and precise specifications of architects, designers, contractors, and home owners.  Restoration services are also available for customers’ existing hoods to revitalize current hoods and breathe new life into a kitchen.

The hand-assembled quality of Prizer Hoods has caught the attention of cooking enthusiasts from serious home chefs to professional chefs such as local Pennsylvania-based Iron Chef Jose Garces, as well as architects and designers who desire unique, hand-crafted cooking equipment.

Lasting American Quality and Hand Craftsmanship

“Not only will this new plant give us the ability to bring our top-of-the-line products to the public, but it will also give us the chance to create new jobs right here in Reading,” says Trapp.

“This is a great story about how our investments in U.S. manufacturing and the success of our products is driving results,” says Trapp.  “We are able to provide competitive, differentiated products that are winning with consumers.”

Quality is extremely important for Prizer’s line, Trapp says.  From employee training to supply chain to quality assurance, Prizer goes the extra step to produce a quality, hand crafted product.  A leader in customization, Prizer has filled its new facility with state-of-the-art, cutting-edge machinery that will allow it to continue to create distinctive goods and without having to economize on value.

Each hood is handcrafted with precision to ensure consistency and quality.  Built to meet professional standards inside and out, Prizer Hoods combines high-gauge metals and commercial-style baffle filtration systems.  High heat sensors provide automatic heat moderation for seamless high heat cooking.  The hoods accommodate top or rear discharge for convenience and accept a variety of fans to meet the demands of any kitchen.

Since 1880, Prizer has built a heritage of craftsmanship – beginning with a full-line of residential and commercial coal ranges, hot water heaters, furnaces and heating stoves at the company’s factory in Pennsylvania.  In 2002, Prizer introduced handcrafted, restaurant-quality ranges for the residential market under the BlueStar brand name and introduced Prizer Hoods this year.