Prizer Hoods Introduces Luxurious Kitchen Hoods with Enhanced Value

Reading, PA, May 22, 2014 – Prizer Hoods, the ultimate in customizable luxury kitchen hoods, is offering an enhanced value on select models.  Designers and consumers choose Prizer Hoods for its commitment to providing professional-grade appliances made of high quality materials and luxurious finishes with robust color offerings.  Offered in over 750 colors, 15 custom metals, 10 textures, 42 profiles and unique trim options, Prizer Hoods is ideal for architects, designers and homeowners looking for quality, power and performance plus unique personalization options.



Now, hoods in the Prizer Hoods Designer Series will be offered at more competitive price points providing consumers with an enhanced value for one-of-a-kind stunning, fully customizable ventilation hood.  In addition, select hoods will now come with 300, 600 and 1200 in-line blowers included in the base price.


Prizer Hoods standard models have added a choice of either a 300CFM or 600CFM in-hood blower at no charge with many 30″ & 36″ models.  Additionally, the Wrangler, Manhattan and London Flat models will have available expanded size offerings so one may tailor the size of a hood to the home’s desired final design to replicate a restaurant-quality kitchen.


Offering a wide range of metal options and an unlimited palette of colors, trims and finishes, Prizer Hoods makes for a bold statement piece in any kitchen.  The customization of Prizer Hoods starts with the design and drafting department, whose main concern is attention to the detail and precise specifications of architects, designers, contractors, and home owners.  The end result is a personalized hood that offers an elegant, engaging style tailored to suit an individual consumer’s taste.  Handcrafted in Reading, Pennsylvania, Prizer Hoods are created with precision on state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistency and quality for a fully customized, uniquely styled designer ventilation hood.

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