What is the history of Prizer Hoods?

In 1880, Prizer-Painter Stove Works, Inc. began manufacturing a full line of residential and commercial coal ranges, hot-water heaters, furnaces and heating stoves at the company’s factory in Reading, Pennsylvania. The handcrafted products were sold under many of the popular brands of the day. Many of those original models are still in service across America today!

Prizer Hoods continues this tradition of excellence by crafting the finest ventilation hoods out of the same original factory in Reading, Pennsylvania.. Our collections of professionally-inspired home ventilation systems combine world-class design with the latest in professional hood technology.

Prizer Hoods takes pride in fulfilling the needs of architects, designers, and contractors. Our hoods have achieved a widespread reputation renowned for the finest craftsmanship in the industry. Each hood is a reflection of the quality that has made Prizer Hoods a trusted name throughout the industry.

Our products are manufactured with precision, state-of-the-art equipment. Customer orders are the direct responsibility of the designing and drafting department whose main concern and attention to detail insure the consistency, quality, and beauty of each hood.

How much do Prizer Hoods cost?

For prices of Prizer Hoods products, please contact a dealer near you. To find a dealer who can help you with pricing questions, please visit the
dealer locator page.

Where can I buy Prizer Hoods?

To purchase Prizer Hoods products, please visit a Prizer Hoods dealer. To find a Prizer Hoods dealer near you, please visit the dealer locator page.

How can I find the nearest dealer to me?

Visit the dealer locator to find a Prizer Hoods dealer near you.

What if I buy from an unauthorized dealer?

Prizer Hoods does not support any warranty or service work for products purchased
from unauthorized dealers.

Can I buy direct from the Prizer Hoods factory?

No, Prizer Hoods ranges are sold exclusively through authorized dealers.

Where can I find Prizer Hoods product specifications?

For specifications on Prizer Hoods products, please view our hood collection and click on the product you’re interested in.

Where can I view all 190 colors available on a Prizer Hoods range?

The entire Prizer Hoods product line is available in a full spectrum of 190 different colors. To view the 190 standard colors, please click here. Please note that this color chart is a guide. For a better representation of the 190 colors available on a Prizer Hoods range, please see a dealer’s RAL color guide.

How do I start the process of creating a custom hood?

To help guide you in the process of designing a custom hood, visit the Custom Hoods page. You may also contact our design team at info@prizerhoods.com

Do I need to have my hood professionally installed?

Yes, it is highly recommended that a qualified technician install your Prizer Hoods product AND complete the Manufacturer’s Performance Checklist included in the manual. For a list of qualified technicians in your area, please contact your Prizer Hoods dealer.

Who do I call if I need parts / service?

Contact Prizer Hoods Customer Service at info@prizerhoods.com or (800) 449-8691.

Where can I order replacement parts for my Prizer Hoods product?

For replacement Prizer Hoods parts, contact Prizer Hoods Customer Service
at (800) 449-8691.

What does CFM stand for?

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and is a measurement of air volume velocity.

How do I know what hood size and CFM are appropriate for my range or cooktop?

Hood size: we recommend a hood size that is at least as wide as your range or cooktop. Ideally, your hood would be slightly wider than your range or cooktop to allow for greater air capture. CFM: it is recommended that for every 100 BTUs of heat generated by a cooking vessel, the blower in a hood should move 1 CFM of air.

Can my hood be smaller than my cooking product?

No. Your hood needs to at least match the width of the cooking product you are
placing it over.

Can I use a downdraft with my range or cooktop?

Prizer Hoods does not manufacturer downdraft ventilation and in most cases we do not recommend a downdraft for use with ranges and cooktops.

How often should I clean my hood?

Cleaning information is available in the Use and Care section.

How high should my hood be installed?

Prizer Hoods recommends that the bottom of the hood should be 30″ minimum to 36″ maximum above the countertop. These dimensions provide for safe and efficient operation of the hood.

Can Prizer Hoods kitchen hoods be vented horizontally from the back of the hood?

Prizer Hoods’s Pro-line series can be vented from the back or through the top; our Pyramid series is top venting only.

How can I receive updates on Prizer Hoods products and events?

Sign up for Prizer Hoods’s email newsletter to receive updates on products and events.

Can I order products direct from Prizer Hoods?

Yes, in 2013, consumers throughout the Continental United States will be able to order color swatches, and accessories directly from Prizer Hoods, via our online store. For now, please email us: info@prizerhoods.com

At what hours is customer service available?

Our customer service department is available to you from 8am to 5pm EST by
calling (800) 449-8691.